LOKER: PT Torrecid Indonesia

LOKER: PT Torrecid Indonesia


As Chemical Engineer Graduates, you will be placed as Customer Technical Service or Product Development. The placement will be based on your capability and capacity both in your personal aspect and in your technical aspect.

In our company, you will be given a comprehensive training about the field you’re about to entrance to ensure you can do your responsibility and fulfilling the needs of your responsibility. The growth of your career will depend on your achievement on your daily task and you personal development in your attitude and technical skill. Torrecid is committed to give wide opportunity to our employees and to develop them as far as their ability and capacity.



Graduates from Chemical Engineering
GPA Min. 3.00
Fluent in English and good presentation skill

Technical Service Marketing
As Customer Technical Service in our Company We Need People with These Characteristic: 
• Energetic and Dynamic Person
• High interest to tackle challenge, problem solving, giving solution and interact with other people
• Adaptable and high motivation
• High ability in analytical thinking and strategic thinking

As Customer Technical Service in our Company, Your responsibilities will include:
• Give solution and service to our customer ensuring the company gives added value to customer through our products
• Do research and problem solving regarding materials to give the best solution to customer
• Do industrial test on the product process at customer’s factory to ensure the quality of product in real production process
• Leading our internal team to give the best service to our customers in all aspect

Product Development
As Product Development in our Company We Need People with These Characteristic: 
• Innovative, high attention with detail and conscientious
• Dynamic and adaptable
• High motivation and explorative

As Product Development in our Company, Your responsibilities will include:
• Create the newest trend for Indonesian market and presenting it to our customers in Indonesia
• Conducting research in order to create innovation for customers
• Cooperate with Designer Team to create the best solution and trend for each customer


Full Time
Submit your resume in : this link
Source: http://www.torrecid.com/rrhh2/index.php/web/view/400/indonesia

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