In 2017, our campus pride, Institut Sains & Teknologi AKPRIND Yogyakarta going towards 45 years. It’s not easy for a private university in Indonesia has reached that age. IST AKPRIND has matured with many improvement in the science and technology. IST AKPRIND always try to look dynamic and increase the quality of the academic community, according to the slogan: “Guiding You to A Bright Future”. IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta has participated actively in national to international level competition .

In order to celebrate the 45th anniversary, IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta has prepared a series of  agenda. The activities are organized from the beginning of March 2017- May 2017. The main activity is the anniversary ceremony that will be held on May 10, 2017.


Be part of the academic community IST AKPRIND to participate actively in the anniversary activities. Long live IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta! (ty)


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